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This is a new project from FIFOX

a very nice trip to Italy for the Xiamen veteran football team.

 play in different Italian city with the intent to create a very nice football experience to travel and visit Italy  and play some games with the Italian teams

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Saint Motel (Fifa 15 Soundtrack)



Football  International Foreigners Organization Xiamen 





谢谢你们 快乐(阿德里亚诺)

Thank you for play in the FIFOX Xiamen football and for your support

My intention is to bring the people of different country here in Xiamen play together and became friends and to know each other culture in the nice sport of Football.Expand the idea of be friends with everyone and live in peace all together.

Hope to bring some teams to play in Italy and some Italian teams to play here in the nice Xiamen

Thank you Happy (Adriano )

FIFOX  want to say special thanks for all the players and teams that believe in FIFOX
 for the initiative to bring Xiamen football in a good level

And for everyone to enjoy the life of sport together


With all the different country together


      We are waiting for you to cheer the teams 

Friendly games at sport center 9-9

Congratulation to the first Chinese team winner of  the FIFOX 

         2 place UNITED TEAM 

             3 Place GOLDEN DRAGON

             Thank you 谢谢 


 the first of the Chinese teams 

          Second Place  Chinese teams ZI JIN
         Third Place Chinese teams  Xin Hon CHI
        Capitain of the rappresentative teams togethers
 Respect in the sport event like FIFOX Football

Final the 2 strongest teams of Xiamen final  in the FIFOX 7-7 1st




                           Napoli unites     &     United Team   


             最后2最强的球队,厦门最终在 FIFOX 7-7 


                  Winner FIFOX 7-7  UNITED TEAM




           FIFOX is play with friends together       


FIFOX start 7-7 GAMES many teams like it  FIFOX举办的7人联赛收到很多球队的喜爱

famous player visit FIFOx 7-7  Game   著名的球员加入了FIFOX的七人联赛

                          new  7-7 FIFOX  START

good handshake between different culture   两种不同文化的很好交流

FIFOX give you a welcome any one and any team from any country .....Welcome    FIFOX   给你一个欢迎任何来自任何国家任何一支球队.....欢迎
a Message for the sports players to be friends on the Footaball games            足球比赛运动员的消息是朋友            

Special school education of Xiamen a  great team with a lots of spirit and will     厦门与精神很多伟大的球队,特殊学校教育,并

Medical school college team here in xiamen   医学院大学队在厦门
Napoli Lions the unstoppable team  那不勒斯狮子势不可挡队

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Latino team the spirit of the south america football 拉丁裔队的南美足球的精神
The famous  team from Indonesia  来自印度尼西亚的著名团队
Xiamen International a well know team in Xiamen 厦门国际众所周知在厦门队
the new MBS the most  friendly  Chinese team                                                友好中国队按揭证券 

new team from Italy will come soon   意大利團隊很快就會到來





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