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                          1  First Place 第一名 

              2  second place 第二名

                    3 Place 第三名

          Location of the School   学校位置

                                  FIFOX 9-9比赛详情

              Information for the FIFOX 9-9 tournament 

谢谢大家关注FIFOX 9-9 联赛并咨询相关问题Thanks you for asking information regarding the FIFOX 9-9 tournament


To join the tournament must have a team of 9-10 people or more.

2.参赛团队有自己的队标LOGO,(没有的话可以协助设计)Must have a logo ( if no logo the FIFOX will help you to make one )

这是为了更专业化国际化This is for make the tournament more professional look in a international way.

Deposit 预交定金

Need a deposit of 500 yuan to reserve you place in the tournament to avoid last moment booking and this it will return to your team after the tournament will be finish?

First come first serve 按预交保证金的队报名顺序确认其资格,保证金将在联赛结束后,本队本联赛无事故情况下返还,

为了让联赛顺利进行,This is for make the tournament more professional look in an international way 按国际惯例,每个队伍需要在报名参赛时预交500元保证金方可确认其参赛资格,并确保其在联赛中无任何事故发生,否则予以扣除。

And also to keep some disciplinary rules for the team in case of some violation of beaver with some penalization in monetary fine …. Like in a real professional organization

3.参赛费用每个队3500元The cost to participate is 3500 yen

4预计有12或16支参赛队伍球队,will be 12 or 16 depend of many team int每队踢8或10场比赛(按实际报名队伍数最终再确认)Number of the team ent to participate

Game the will be play will be 8 game 10 to final game.

5.每支球队需要交各队员的两寸头像照片和名单,以便确认每个队员只能为自己所属队踢比赛。The team must give the list of the players with head photo (head or half corps photo please) this to avoid one players play for other teams in the FIFOX 9-9.

6希望通过FIFOX 联赛能够推进厦门足球水平的提高,未来能向FIFA 赛事靠拢。FIFOX will try to make this tournament in a professional level to bring the Xiamen football in an international level in the Future in the name of the FIFA rules.

7为安全起见,所有参赛队员必须穿同色队服并带护腿板参赛。.All the team must have the same color of uniform and also must wear shin guard to avoid injury in the game.

8如有其他问题,请联系13015011270 或qq 2208128641咨询。

For other question please call 13015011270 or qq 2208128641

如果我的中文沟通不够顺畅那很抱歉,但我会尽快回答你的问题。Sorry if I can’t speak good Chinese but I try my best to answer the entire question.

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