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video FIFOX kids 2021

video FIFOX kids 2021
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  FIFOX KIDS          

Saturday and   Sunday training 周日的培训


我是Adriano Paschetta.












Adriano Paschetta

Hello and thank a to log in the FIFOX web page for kids Football school

My name is Adriano Paschetta

I am the director and teacher of this first Italian football school here in Xiamen

I want to say thanks to all the father s and Mothers the help me to open this Italian school of Football here in Xiamen and the believe in me in my way to teach sport and education to the children’s to become a better person in the sport and outside the sport practice

I think is very nice that the parents push he kid to practice football …(or any or other sports)

Because now a days with the big problem of non-communication all the kids only play games in computer and they lose the fun on a nice day out side with some new kids from other school or country.

And here in this Football practice they can meet some new friends and became more confident and believe more in them self .for a good future .

This is my goal and direction by teaching football here .

like I did learn in my country Italy .

And I been teaching English here in Xiamen for many years.

So is time that I combine this 2 thinks together in one .

And do some thinks that I really love which is make people happy and do sport .

So why not make children’s happy with simple thinks like play football together.

And be happy that we can run and think other are not so lucky like we are .

So let’s learn and play in the same time .

With .FIFOX children’s Football school

Thanks Adriano Paschetta

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